Apple inks deal with Steven Spielberg for ‘Amazing Stories’ sci-fi series


Apple is teaming up with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Comcast’s NBC Universal TV production unit to create new episodes of sci-fi series “Amazing Stories,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Apple plans to create 10 new episodes of “Amazing Stories” alongside Amblin and NBC Universal, with plans to spend more than $5 million per episode. Spielberg is likely to be an executive producer for the new version of the show, according to The Wall Street Journal’s sources.

Money well spent.

  • A lot more promising than Planet of the Apps!

  • Money well spent.

    I fail to see how it’s money well spent.

    Video products like this seem as though they don’t pair well with Apple Music and it’s mission. Stuff like this would compliment an Apple video subscription, but Apple Music? It’s like static at best, detrimental to Apple’s Music marketing message at worst.

  • Pelted

    I’m torn by this. On one side you have the argument that today you need original content to compete and differentiate your service, but also because content holder are segregating there market behind their own walls. As a heavily invested customer in Apple’s ecosystem I would have jumped on this a couple years ago, now however, I see it as yet another service asking for money. No thank you. Same response I will give to Disney and CBS. If Apple makes this part of an Apple Media subscription that is music and this original content then maybe.

  • Kip Beatty

    I’m not going to wade into the debate on if this is the right move for Apple as a company. That’s for another day. Today I’m simply going to cheer the fact that one of my absolute favorite shows as a kid (still vividly remember the bomber landing with drawn, cartoon wheels to save the belly gunner and cheering) is coming back. I don’t care if it’s Netflix, Amazon, or Apple brining it back, I’m just glad it’s back!