The pit of misery, Dilly Dilly!

I don’t like the beer, but this commercial is so damn funny.

  • Mo

    I used to brew mead. Budweiser was for cleaning up spills.

    Dilly, dilly.

    • James Hughes

      There is a local place that brews mead, it’s pretty good, fresh anyway.

      Dilly, dilly.

      • Mo

        There are many variants. I know this if only because I could never get the same recipe to come out the same way, twice. Fizzy, flat, tart, sweet. :/

        Some of the best I ever tasted was almost reminiscent of aged port. It was dilly good.

        • James Hughes

          I had a spiced something or other, dilly if I can remember. Spiced dilly silly I think. It was good for Thanksgiving! I refrigerated the rest and went to drink it maybe a few days later, not so good after it’s sat for a while.

          • Mo


  • rick gregory

    It’s the dilly, dilly that makes that commercial. It strikes the right note of silliness.

    • Dillyness.

      • SaraJKolodziej


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  • scottman22

    This stuff isn’t beer. It’s already been through the horse before bottling.

  • Kriztyan

    Personally I would take the spiced wine. Dilly Dilly.