Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher blasts Gibson

I absolutely love my Les Paul guitars, but Gibson as a company has treated its employees and artists like shit for many years.

  • JimCracky

    There are plenty of guitars that don’t need a mortgage to buy. Why would you spend $5k for guitar that comes with a plastic nut?

    • drx1

      Clearly, to some people they are worth it. As someone who does not play guitar, yet may pick it up … I would think anything over $500 is pricey – and would probably get something second hand for $100.

  • John David

    Another reason why I love my Epiphone Les Paul, even with the stock Humbuckers it ships with and more so now with the EMG Zakk Wylde 81-85’s I swapped in 5 years ago, and would put it against ANY Gibson I’ve ever seen, for a far better price & value then those made, IMHO, by this overhyped company!

  • Paulo Clayton

    Yup. Gibson has turned into the collector’s brand rather than the player’s brand. I’d rather save my scratch for a GBS Guitars Pearly Gates or Pook. Like playing a textbook-perfect vintage LP from decades ago.

    (This is also why I’m impressed w/ Fender’s recent collaboration with Brad Paisley. I’m not a country picker by any means, but I have tremendous respect for Brad and his MO. He wanted the guitar with his name on it to be PLAYED, not hung in a case in a trophy room, and they gave it a reasonable price to boot. Way to exercise your clout, Brad.)