EU takes Ireland to court over Apple taxes

The European Commission said on Wednesday it was taking Ireland to the European Court of Justice for its failure to recover up to 13 billion euros ($15.3 billion) of tax due from Apple Inc, a move labeled as “regrettable” by Dublin.

Both Apple and Ireland are appealing the ruling that any money is owed, so this seems a bit heavy-handed by the EU.

  • Very heavy handed to expect companies to pay their fair share.

    • The Cappy

      Very heavy handed to levy huge fines for something that was actually legal. That’s what you should have said. Part of what we mean when we talk about the rule of law is that rules should not be passed and applied retroactively. The eu does that a lot. It also happily does things that are explicitly unconstitutional. One example is the huge Greek bailouts. The eu constitution explicitly forbade such things. In fact, it was only after inclusion of that provision that Germany agreed to enter the eu. The eu ministers never feel constrained by either the laws or the constitution. You don’t see a problem with that, you who speak of fairness?

      • Philipp

        No, it’s not legal. It’s an illegal subsidy by Ireland and it’s about time the EU takes action.

        • chiefy

          Ireland, its Government and its Revenue Commissioners would disagree. Strongly.

  • Heos Phorus

    i guess, 13 billion is not the lightheartest sum of money. i‘m not really surprised though, that the defendants deny any wrongdoing. it’s also kind of understandable that ireland would „regret“ risking to lose apple. apple might just pay the ridiculous amount of 0.005% taxes, but there are other benefits for ireland (e.g. a few jobs. and don‘t forget the „persuation money“ that got apple that tax break in the first place).

    either way, it‘s an emerging trend in the E.U. to take action against big companies evading taxes. it‘s not only apple, it‘s also amazon or star bucks, for example.

  • the_other_stevejobs

    its very heavy handed that an unaccountable, unelected group of super-governmental agents wants to tell a country how they must or must not act?

    I’m pretty sure the whole point of unaccountable, unelected super-governmental groups is to be very heavy handed.

    and because it seems to go over the heads of some people, an unelected, unaccountable group of super-governmental twats is going against what the elected government of Ireland wanted to do. This has nothing to do with Apple, but rather it has to do with how the Irish government works with businesses in their (formerly) sovereign country.