Portraits of the Presidents Cup shot on iPhone 8 Plus

The PGA TOUR hired Brad Mangin to shoot the Presidents Cup with his new iPhone 8 Plus. Using the 12MP dual cameras on the new iPhone while taking advantage of the intimacy of such a pocketable device, Brad is able to capture stunning professional photos that would be tough with larger, traditional cameras. At the 2017 Presidents Cup, Brad is taking advantage of the new Portrait Lighting feature on iPhone 8 Plus to put a sharp focus on faces around Liberty National. The photos provide a unique look at the PGA TOUR through the eyes of a photographer who has been covering sports for 30 years.


  • Heos Phorus

    ugh, there are some ghastly mugshots there. even with the background blacked out it’s obvious they were taken by a phone. I think the portrait mode makes that even more obvious. it focuses on the face and emphasizes the shortcomings of the camera, especially the bad color rendition and compression. (some of the b&w stuff looks halfway decent). „portrait lighting“ then adds an extra layer of artificialness to them.

    just like those time magazine covers, it‘s so gimmicky to take these photos with an iphone. any pocket camera with a nicely sized chip and a good lens would have produced far superior photos and been just as „intimate“. otoh, anything that makes people talk, right?

    although the first steps have been taken, computational photography still has a long, long way to go.

    • Yeah, weird.

      “Brad is able to capture stunning professional photos that would be tough with larger, traditional cameras.”

      – LOL, if this becomes the new standard for “stunning professional photos” I’ll shoot myself in the head.

  • StruckPaper

    Jim, don’t slap the word “incredible” on links when you have nothing more to say. It makes it look like you’ve barely looked at the page and are just doing your fanboy thing. We get it – unless it’s about music, you automatically praise Apple. Don’t make it too obvious.

    • StruckPaper

      In this case, the images are incredibly bad given the high expectations.

      • OpheliaHMartinez


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  • Remember they were not posed photos with studio lighting and he is just showing what you can do with a snapshot taken in the middle of the day in direct sunlight. I think it’s pretty amazing and think the 2018 Iphone will have the depth mapping perfected