NASA will stream video during Cassini’s death plunge — and you can watch it live on YouTube

Business Insider:

Just after 6:32 a.m. EDT on Friday, a bus-size object will scream over the cloud tops, burst into millions of pieces, and glow like a meteor.

But this meteor isn’t a rock: It’s NASA’s nuclear-powered Cassini spacecraft plunging to its doom.

However, NASA TV is broadcasting live online video of the final stages of Cassini’s “Grand Finale,” the moment its last stream of data comes in, and — by extension — confirmation that it’s died.

An amazing mission and a fitting ending.

  • James Hughes

    I can’t wait. Thanks for the heads up Shawn.

  • Your link + headline make it sound like it’ll be an actual footage. It won’t be. Don’t get your hopes up. It’ll merely be a live video of the animation.

    • James Hughes

      The link is clear about this “NASA can’t see the probe destroyed from 932 million miles away, since no other spacecraft exists at Saturn, but it will show an animation of Cassini’s position”

      It’s still cool to think of what is happening though. Cassini will still send as much data and images as it can before the impact too.

  • Photoshopped photos of Slim Pickens riding the Cassini down will follow shortly thereafter…

  • Mo

    “My god, Bones. What have I done?”

    • John Kordyback

      What you had to do. What you always do. Turn a broken screen into a fighting chance for an upgrade.