The new Apple TV Siri remote

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Alongside the new 4K Apple TV, Apple today quietly released a new, slightly redesigned Siri Remote to go along with it. Priced at $59, the updated remote features a new more prominent Menu button with a white circle around it.

Aside from the redesign to the Menu button, the new Apple TV Siri Remote appears to be identical to the previous-generation model. At $59, the remote is $20 cheaper than the previous-generation Siri Remote.

I’ve long wished Apple would make a change to the remote to make it more obvious which end of the remote is which. In low light, it’s easy to end up with the remote pointed the wrong way, and there’s not enough of a tactile difference to be able to easily feel which end is which.

I’ve not gotten my hands on the new remote, so it is possible that this “more prominent” Menu button will solve the problem. At the very least, glad to see the price drop.

  • JimCracky

    Siri remote is terrible.

  • The Gnome

    I’ve gotten use to the remote. Not sure why one would pay for an extra one unless you lost one.

  • NB

    Siri remote is a microcosm of the flop that Apple TV has been. Josh Centers has a great rundown of the ATV4K on Tidbits:

    • it hasn’t been a flop. i use mine every day and love it. swipe scrubbing is the best and seeing the thumbnails st the current position no matter where i scrub is the first time i can remember not having to wait for buffering. 4k hasn’t been an issue as few people had it two years ago and i still don’t plan to replace my high end 1080p plasma.

  • One of the biggest problems with the Apple TV remote is simply how easy it is to misplace. I can’t count how many times our family has had to search the living room or our bedroom to look for the Apple TV remote. Because it’s so small and thin it easily slips through the couch cushions. Throw in a toddler running around and who knows where the Apple TV will end up next. Larger remotes are not nearly as elegant but there is a method to the madness with a lot of remotes. It amazes me just how wrong Apple is when it comes to remote design. Great example of putting form over function at the expense of everyday usability. But then again Jony Ive strikes me as someone who probably doesn’t even watch TV so it’s not surprising they’ve repeatedly made so many mistakes when it comes to the Apple TV remote.

  • Paul Chernoff

    I felt that the Apple TV remote was OK. But a few weeks ago I discovered that my Harmony One remote works with the Apple TV. I am now much happier with the Harmony One remote and better understand the Apple remote’s shortcomings. Having arrow buttons to move around the Apple TV interface and a dedicated Play button are very, very nice.

    • puggsly

      there is a play pause button on the Siri remote

      • Paul Chernoff

        True, and just pressing on the touch pad will play/pause. I should have just said that I find it much easier to find the dedicated buttons, and having more dedicated buttons, on the Harmony One, a remote not designed for the Apple TV. But it just works with watching TV, not games. And I always know which end is which.

    • funny i have the Harmony One as well but other than turning my systems on i prefer the apple remote. swipe scrubbing is where it’s at. and i prefer swiping than pushing arrows.

      • Brandon


  • love ATV, love swipe surface, hate the symmetrical shape. it’s necessary to hack it with a rubberband in order to feel right side up by touch in the dark. that’s lame.

    • Brandon

      I agree entirely. Can’t count the number of times I have accidentally clicked or re-navigated just picking up the remote thinking I have ahold of the non-touch side.

      Figuring out which way the remote is pointed should not be the first thing on my mind every single time I pick up the remote. Bad design, plain and simple.

  • Caleb Hightower
    I’ve long wished Apple would make a change to the remote to make it more obvious which end of the remote is which


  • puggsly

    They should include the strap, because that helps you figure out which way is up.