The new Apple accessories

Jake Underwood does a nice job digging through the new accessories Apple rolled out, including iPhone cases (love the new iPhone X leather folios), Apple Watch bands, and charging mats.

  • Caleb Hightower

    Is Apple waiting for some kind of regulatory approval before selling their charging mat? Next year seems like a really long way off for something like this, when you consider Apple’s deep partnerships with device manufacturers across Asia, that should be able to crank these out in a week. Okay, maybe two weeks.

  • I’ve never liked the idea of wallet/cell case combos like the leather folios.

    • Magnetic strips on cheap cards (membership, hotel key, and rewards cards) tend to be erased by being near cell phones. (Though credit cards tend to hold up just fine)
    • I have my cell phone out in public quite a bit. I’m not comfortable with everyone being able to gawk at whatever cards or cash I’m carrying.
    • I believe the only person who should be allowed to talk into their wallet is Merlin Mann (reference:, and even that was a decade ago.

    Well, okay maybe that “allowed to” is a bit strong. If it works for you, go for it.

    I will say, the idea of transporting the idea of a cover that turns the phone display on/off when opened/closed is a good import from the iPad side of things.