Paper airplane, sand among 12 finalists for Toy Hall of Fame


No-frills toys including the paper airplane, sand and play food are among 12 finalists vying for a place in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

The contenders for the Class of 2017 were announced Tuesday.

Also up for the honor are the board games Risk and Clue, the Magic 8 ball, Matchbox cars, My Little Pony, the PEZ candy dispenser, Transformers, the card game Uno and Wiffle Ball.

If I could only pick two, I’d say Matchbox Cars and Risk are worthy of the Hall.

  • All those whippersnappers and their fancy toys. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned stick? Or a rock, even?

    • Caleb Hightower

      LOL, holy shit, my cheeks hurt.

    • Mo

      You had sticks? Wow.

    • JimCracky

      I loved my stick…until it broke.

    • Well…sand is in the running and a stick was already in the Hall of Fame. 🙂

  • Eugene
    • Uno
  • David

    I loved the water and air powered rockets 🙂

  • E Man

    I barely got through freshman year because of “a quick game” of Risk.

  • macrumpton

    Wow, Lego? Bicycle?