Tim Cook on how Apple champions the environment, education, and health care

Adam Lashinsky, Fortune:

We’re here to put a dent in the universe,” Steve Jobs once famously said. “Otherwise why else even be here?”


For Jobs the dent that he intended for Apple to make in the universe revolved almost totally around creating new products that would change people’s lives. Those products would be gorgeous and useful and fun and surprising, but rarely “good” in and of themselves. Despite a hippie-dippie veneer and earnest marketing, Apple under Jobs was a ruthlessly efficient moneymaker that largely left social programs to others.

I just love that intro. That said, this is an interview with Tim Cook.

Terrific read, lots to process. Way too much to quote out here, but take the time to dig in. Be on the look out for Tim’s comments on how he sees Apple changing the world (products, education, environment, human rights), a discussion of high margins, the Apple economy, health and research, and a lot more.