Lawsuits against Equifax pile up

More than two dozen lawsuits have been filed in the United States against Equifax Inc (EFX.N) after the credit reporting company said thieves may have stolen personal information for 143 million Americans in one of the largest hackings ever.

Equifax is in for a world of hurt.

  • satcomer

    Equifax is up a creek without a paddle!

  • James Hughes

    They should be in a world of hurt. I can not imagine someone coming to mine and telling me that over 143 million account have been downloaded. Compromised my ass. People need to take this much more seriously too. Too many people have no idea they have had their information stolen because “I never do business with Equifax”, uh, yea you have, you just don’t know it.

    • Kriztyan

      I know, I am fixing to place a credit freeze on my accounts. It seems to be the only sure way to avoid problems after this shit.

      • Brian Mauter

        After my SSN was compromised a year ago, I placed credit freezes at all three bureaus. It’s $10 per bureau. Then if you ever need to apply for a loan, it’s another $10 to unfreeze it for a period of time.

        The default operation should be that all credit checks are prohibited without some kind of one-use code that I provide. I would request a code from whichever credit bureau, tell the person wanting to run the credit check what the code is and then he runs the credit check. Simple and secure.

        The current situation is stupid. Anybody can run a credit check on me?

        • James Hughes

          I have also placed credit freezes or “Security” with each of the 4 main bureau’s. In my state it is $5 to complete the freeze. But some sites didn’t charge anything. In some states they can’t charge either.

          it should also be free. Just as opting IN should be the default for all things.

          I agree with what you wrote above, being the default.

          Two factor authorization, at least, should be the very minimum of security checks.

      • James Hughes

        I am shocked at the lackadaisical attitude I have been running into. It’s only after a lengthy conversation do many people seem to realize the seriousness of this issue.

  • I hope they get slammed. However, it’s just a hope. Remember when Western Union was caught creating fake accounts with actual people’s names and info? Not even a few months later, they have been caught doing it again. Maybe the new/acting CEO will resign with a S-load of money and disappear, too, leaving us to enjoy more promises and no action.

    Equifax heads all sold stock off just before announcing the breach. I don’t know how well the SEC or anyone is looking into them, but hopefully they get slammed in prison. Martha Stewart went to prison for less.