Hullo: Stop Flipping, Folding and Fluffing That Pillow [Sponsor]

Thanks to Hullo for sponsoring the Loop this week. Your pitiful old squishy pillow needs constant readjustment. It’s invariably too thick, too thin, sometimes just too warm. Flipping, folding and fluffing are getting in the way of your rest. You spend around one-third of your life on that pillow of yours. Try something different: a Hullo buckwheat pillow will conform perfectly to the shape of your body and provide comfortable cool support all night long without fuss. Hullo’s features include:

  • Quality construction & organic materials.
  • Breathable fill that prevents uncomfortable heat build-up.
  • American-made craftsmanship.
  • Free shipping.

Check out Hullo. Try it for 60 nights. If it’s not your favorite pillow, send it back for a refund.