One way to tell who in your neighborhood is on the HomePod team

Amazing that you can see this from the street.

  • Sigivald

    You can see who has an AirPort from the street, too, eh?

    • drx1

      scurry – the IoT is a nightmare, yet boring as it unfolding at a retarded pace.

      • Sigivald

        Uh huh.

        None of my smart home stuff is a “nightmare”.

        “Seeing that a device exists” is nightmarish, for sure, though.

        I mean, think of the implications!

  • Robert.Walter

    I don’t get this. Aren’t these devices hidden once they are connected to a AppleID? Such visibility would seem to be a great invitation for burglars.

    • Tom_P

      They usually have to be in the same network to see. Something is not right there.

      • VanessaNRice


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  • I get notifications all the time as I buzz down the road of wifi in people’s homes, and sometimes I see connections to the setup address for people’s printers. It doesn’t surprise me you can see devices, even a HomePod. There should be some setting somewhere to make it hidden/more hidden. Considering it’s really out there in beta form right now, we should give it a bit of time rather than get our knickers in a twist.

    • drx1

      eeek! Apparently the IoT means either you are exposed or stuff will not work … lovely. Maybe Apple will push a sensible update? Apple does seem to like security.