Apple announces iPhone event on Sept. 12 in Steve Jobs Theater

Apple on Thursday announced an event which will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater located at the company’s new Apple Park campus. The event will take place on September 12 at 10:00 am.

While Apple didn’t specifically say in the invite what would be announced, it is widely expected that the company will unveil a new iPhone at the event. In fact, there could be a couple of new iPhones introduced at the event.

September is usually the time that Apple unveils its new iPhones for the upcoming holiday shopping season, so the timing of this event makes sense for that release.

I will be at the event and will bring you all of the news as it happens.

  • ThinkActive

    What an historic event it will be. Lucky you!

    I’d give an arm or a leg to be there too!!

  • Rob Miller

    I can’t wait to order the new Apple TV as soon as it’s available!

  • Mo

    That graphic within the logo reminds of of something…

  • Very exciting.

  • James Hughes

    The white image on the right kind of looks like the Apple HomPod. I think that is a gum drop on the left, or a lampshade!

    Let the speculation begin!

  • Rob Williams

    is leo Laporte invited?

  • Interesting that the logo is abstractly U.S. flag-colored: red, white, and blue with the blue in the upper-left.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • John Kordyback

      Or French. Or Chilean. Or British. Or Slovenian. Or Australian. Or Puerto Rican. Or Cuban. Or….

      • It does look more like the Chilean flag than the US flag. But none of the others you mention have the blue in the upper-left.

        I neglected to point out that I think it’s interesting because Tim Cook has been touring the U.S. saying that the government has become ineffective and it’s time for business to fill in some of the gaps. So maybe it’s the new United States of Apple flag.

        • John Kordyback

          There’s also a lot of pink in there, but you kind of selectively ignored that. Hmmmmm. That’s gotta have some hidden, political, whacky meaning as well. That obviously refers to the Rand Corporation and synthetic life forms.