Screw you AccuWeather

Popular weather app AccuWeather has been caught sending geolocation data to a third-party data monetization firm, even when the user has switched off location sharing.

How can you ever trust them again? You can’t.

  • Will Taylor

    Nope. Thanks for the heads up. Promptly deleted.

  • CuJo YYC

    AccuWeather is rarely accurate anyway. I’ve used Environment Canada exclusively for years. More accurate and they don’t snoop.

  • Mo


  • James Hughes

    Never had it, I use Dark Sky, but good to know.

  • Couple questions for anyone in the know or even wild speculation:

    Would the feature in iOS 11 that puts a bar at top telling about location use catch this?

    Does removing the app remove the location sharing? (I was under the impression Uber had gotten around this in some way and kept getting info after removal, or maybe it was if you just set the Uber app settings a particular way…)

    • Alex Hon

      I wanna know too, for one more reason. I recently found out a few other apps are doing background location tracking/sharing (like Boingo’s Wi-Finder) and draining my iPhone’s battery like crazy!

  • temm

    I bought AccWeather after reading the raving reviews. It was pouring raini outside (here in my home city in Greece) and the app was showing me sunny weather. Deleted it on the spot.

  • Kriztyan

    When first released it was a well through app, now it’s a mess. Now this? Deleted.