The 12 best buys in motorcycles for 2017

Popular Mechanics:

Many of today’s riders are discovering the daily comfort and riding ease that comes from bikes with tinier engines and tidier dimensions. Here are some of the latest bikes, big and small, that provide serious bang for your buck right now.

As an avid rider, I see a lot of great bikes on this list. If I was a different kind of rider, I’d love to have the Ducati SuperSport or the Triumph Street Cup. If you are thinking about becoming a motorcycle rider, the first three bikes would make for great beginner bikes.

  • James Hughes

    The Honda Rebel is what the DMV uses for motorcycle training. They did 25 years ago too when I first got my license. It’s an easy to ride bike for sure. I stopped riding street many years ago. I find dirt bike riding to be more fun and less of a hassle. No one has cut me off yet!

    • GlennC777

      Anybody who rides dirt should check out the “CROSS TRAINING ENDURO SKILLS” channel on Youtube. Skilled group of entertaining aussies with skills vids, reviews, etc. Here’s as good a start as any:

      • James Hughes

        Thanks, I’ll check it out. There’s always more to learn.

  • The Yamaha SCR reminds me of my 1976 Honda CB360T, especially the long, flat seat. It was a great bike for getting around the city when I lived in San Francisco. It was fun to ride around the Bay Area backroads, but it didn’t like being on the freeway. I bought it from a friend in 1985 and finally sold it to another friend in 2005.

    • Paulettacbivona


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    • GlennC777

      I haven’t read the article yet but wanted to reply with an actual-not-spam message. I actually had a CB360T, don’t remember the year, but the carbs on that thing were a bear to get right. I wouldn’t have wanted to ride it on the highway. I bought mine long after 1985 but probably also sold it around 2005.

      • Johannacperry


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  • Good to see a Triumph in there! 😉

  • There’s several bikes on this list I wouldn’t mind having, but the Honda models top my personal list for ABS braking. I’m fairly sure that would save my ass pretty quickly around here.