Need a job? Apple and Disney are looking for people who want to work from home

Though this sounds like a phishing scheme, this is an article from Inc on some real jobs being filled by Apple and Disney.

Apple describes the “Home Advisor” as a person who responds when people contact Apple for help. The job description describes ideal candidates as friendly, thoughtful, and real. They are “curious investigators, technical problem solvers, and good listeners” and like the way it feels to help others, have the discipline to manage themselves, can focus in a home environment, and are good multitaskers.

The company requires that you have access to a “quiet, distraction-free work space with a door you can shut, an ergonomic chair, a desk … and your own network connection.”

If you have the right personality, working at home is a huge win-win. You get the convenience and cost savings of working at home. No commute and no moving expenses. And Apple gets a happy employee without the overhead expense.

If this particular job sounds attractive to you (I know it does to me), here’s a link to Apple’s At Home Advisor web site, which includes a video laying out the job and a link to the jobs page.

  • They’ve been doing this in Europe for a while. A number of times when I’ve called AppleCare, I’ve spoken to people who were working at home, in different countries.

    • lucascott

      its been the same in the US for a while

  • Alex Gollner

    A friend of mine does this from his home in Barcelona.

  • Mo

    Makes sense; Smugmug did this sort of thing a few years back, with apparently good results, but they may have discontinue offsite positions as not sufficiently subject to their goofy internal culture.

    I love the idea of working from home; been doing it for the better part of seven years now. I like the idea of a phone rep who doesn’t have to battle with call-center background noise.

    And if Apple’s Home Advisors can earn a living wage with proper company-paid benefits, all the better. It sounds like a great way to avoid one’s neglected home-state public-transportation infrastructure… assuming one’s broadband providers aren’t similarly compromised.