Kid crying because of mobile phone

Is it just me or is this more than a little disturbing? I get that babies cry when you take things from them but maybe because it’s a cell phone that makes this creepier than it should be.

  • If I remember my kid right, the same thing would have happened with a dirty sock out of the mouth.

  • Mo

    Future neolibertarian brogrammer.

  • GS

    Thought for a second that was Trump having Twitter taken away.

    • James Hughes

      It was.

  • James Hughes

    That could be just about anything. Having something taken away you are looking at and falling backwards while your parents laugh, and don’t help you up, can be frustrating.

    “No, don’t help him up, let him flail around a bit, we’ll get more views!”

    • Mo

      I could potentially argue about the negative effects of immediate gratification as well.

      My mother used to tell a story about my father who, as a very new parent of an infant Mo, would jump every time I made the tiniest noise in my crib. He’d frantically yell at her to go see what the problem was.

      She told him to calm the fuck down, stop smoking in the goddamn apartment, and quit freaking out at my every spit-bubble.

  • Kriztyan

    My kids do the same thing, they are 11 and 14 years old 🙂

  • Nick West

    Sadly, the same thing happens with millennials.

  • Meaux

    My one year old does the same thing if you take a phone away from him … or a plastic cow or a puzzle piece or something he could choke on or, well just about anything that he has determines is “his”.