Resizable Home button and more riches from the HomePod leak

Ben Lovejoy walks through the latest revelations from Steve Troughton Smith’s dig through the recently leaked HomePod firmware.

Here’s the first tweet:

Note the reference to a resizable Home button. When the implementation is in software, rather than hardware, there’s ultimate flexibility. Not sure if there is actually a plan to allow the user to resize the home button, but I think a larger target would be a terrific assistive feature.

Here’s the second tweet:

Check out the mockup in Ben’s article. Looks remarkably like the iPhone 8 dummy in this post.

  • Kip Beatty

    Am I alone in wishing we didn’t know so much about the phone before its release? I miss the surprise. It’s all but impossible to avoid now as it’s information no longer limited to specialty rumor sites. You basically have to avoid reading about Apple, and tech in general, not to see all this info daily.

    • Simon

      I agree to an extent, but I suspect I will still be rapt during the keynote. The excitement is often in the details and Apple’s unique implementation.

      • Kip Beatty

        You’re correct, and I’ll watch with you, but man, don’t you miss Steve pulling the original iPhone out of his pocket and making your jaw drop? The original iPod, the iPad, and so much more. Now there is so little left unknown, all that remains is the scorecard. Who got which rumor right, and who was first.

        • Simon

          The who got which rumor right game definitely does not interest me. And yes, I would love to see them unveil a surprise revolutionary product again. Perhaps they can secretly cook something up in the AR space.

    • Mo

      You’re not alone.

  • Why are people leaving the time out of their mock-ups? Am I the only one who looks at it? It’s sure more useful than having the name of the carrier in the status bar if you have to leave something out.

    • Herding_sheep

      Yea, but its most likely mandated by the carriers that their names at least be in the status bar (since they aren’t allowed to brand the iPhone).

      The new status bar is probably why notification center works the way it does in iOS 11. If the time is not readily visible in the status bar, then it is at least a swipe away. But the leaks have pointed to a more customizable status bar, so it may be optional.