iPhone 8 can make Apple world’s first trillion dollar company

Economic Times:

Riding on the ‘better-than-expected iPad and iPhone sales’, the upcoming flagship device iPhone 8 could make the Cupertino-based giant the first company to reach and sustain a $1 trillion market cap, analysts have predicted.


Daryanani said that Apple’s share price would have to rise from its current level (about $160) to about $192 to $195, depending on the rate of the company’s stock buybacks, to reach the $1 trillion value.

Astonishing rise from the ashes for Apple. I remember, long ago, considering an investment in Apple stock at $12 a share (long before the 7-for-1 split, and two 2-for-1 splits) about 43 cents a share adjusted for today’s pricing).

This was in the worst of Apple doldrums, before Steve came back. The smart folks I spoke with explained to me that, at the time, Apple had enough assets to pay more than that $12 per share if they sold everything they had, including real estate, desks, inventory, everything.

That was the thinking back then. Apple stock was bargain basement. And look at them now.

  • John Barnes

    Back then was the one time that I ever wanted to buy shares of a specific stock, but I didn’t have any money. I never predicted they would reach this level though.

  • CapnVan

    IIRC, Apple, as a stock, was long undervalued (even during the massive run-up) on the basis of price to earnings.

    Anyone know if that’s still true?

  • Mo

    Wouldn’t it be funny if it was just the iPhone 7S that made Apple a trillion-dollar company?

    • John Barnes

      Good question. I haven’t been following the rumors lately and I’ve been wondering why it’s being referred to as the iPhone 8 instead of the 7S. If the change in form factor is as big as rumored I could understand the break from the S naming scheme.

      • Mo

        I was pretty much settled upon making my next iPhone an “S”, whenever that happens.