Chinese app developers file antitrust complaint against Apple

Wall Street Journal:

A group of 28 Chinese app developers filed a complaint against Apple Inc. alleging antitrust violations over the company’s App Store.

The complaint accuses Apple of engaging in monopolistic behavior by removing apps from the App Store without detailed explanation and charging excessive fees for in-app purchases. The complaint also alleges Apple doesn’t give details on why apps are removed and puts local developers at a disadvantage by not responding to queries in Chinese.


In a statement, Apple said that “most submissions in China are reviewed and approved to be on the store within 48 hours, or less.” It added that its App Store guidelines apply equally to all developers in every country and that if an app is rejected or removed, developers may request a review to restore the app in a timely manner.

The timing correlates with the mass removal of VPN apps from the App Store. A rock and a hard place, that.