Could this be the iPhone 8?

Ben Miller works for a publisher that owns a site that sells iPhone repair kits. Yesterday, they received a dummy iPhone 8 in the mail from one of their Chinese manufacturers.

Here’s a picture of the so-called iPhone 8, next to an iPhone 7 Plus:

Here’s another tweet showing the front and back:

Supposedly, there are no plans for a plus-sized version of this model. Makes sense, given the device’s large screen real estate.

Is this the real deal? Judge for yourself. We’ll likely know in about a month.

  • John Barnes

    Interesting if true. I don’t like the looks of that camera bump though.

    • Glaurung-Quena

      The camera bump is here to stay. Apple wants better cameras, that means thicker lenses. They also want thin devices. So until they master 4dimensional geometry, we get camera bumps.

      • John Barnes

        I understand the reason. Doesn’t change my opinion that the camera bump on that phone looks pretty bad. Fortunately I’ll have the phone in a case which hides the fact that the bump is so prominent on the back.

    • Doesn’t matter to me. I generally always put a case on my phone, and that takes care of any camera bump. Does that mean I’m ruining Apple’s thinness? Kind of, but if they made a thicker phone with no camera bump, I’d still put a case on it and have an even thicker phone, so, again, no biggie to me.

      • John Barnes

        I’m the same way. I’d have it in a case. I just look at other Apple devices and they have very clean, seamless lines. The camera bump just stands out and and looks bad to me. I won’t notice it when the phone is it a case though.

      • Matt

        I only put a case on my phone because of the Camera bump. Pre-bump, I never had a case. I wish I could go back to that.

        • JimCracky

          Can you just buy the bump separately, because I would order a backup

  • Glaurung-Quena

    The most amazing thing to me is how every year, most of the hardware looks leak ahead of time, but none of the software before WWDC leaks, and nothing about the latest Ax cpu leaks. Has the logic board ever leaked? I think not. Nowadays we learn most of what the new OS does ahead of time thanks to beta programs, but Apple usually has a few features exclusive to new hardware and none of that ever leaks.

    And then when Apple does thier product intro, all over the internet, people yawn and say it was boring because “we already knew everything”, when in fact we knew nothing whatsoever except what could be determined by looking at a pile of leaked parts.

    • Herding_sheep

      The logic board has actually leaked in the past. I don’t recall which year, but it has happened. The logic board design for this years new iPhone has also leaked, the stacked logic board design. Granted, its not an actual part, however it is the most interesting and changed aspect of this years logic board. Stacked logic board with an L-shaped dual-cell battery configuration.

    • AAPL.To.Break.$155.Soon.>:-)

      I think the only people who are yawning and saying “Boooring” are either Android smartphone lovers or the normally jaded tech-heads. I doubt most consumers who will be buying the iPhone will consider any new iPhone as boring. I certainly don’t think any flagship smartphone is exactly boring. They all seem to be relatively advanced devices loaded with new tech. Some people take so much for granted but I grew up using Sony Walkman devices and even the lowest smartphone is light-years ahead of the devices I used to use.

  • Prof. Peabody

    I don’t mind this look at all, but I’m wondering why anyone would buy this phone if the 7s and 7s plus are (supposedly) getting glass backs as well?

    • GlennC777

      People will buy it because, if rumors are to be believed, it will be far more expensive.

    • Because the selling point isn’t glass backs it’s the larger screen in a smaller form factor, more sensors for being able to sense depth and to be used for more advanced AR with ARKit, higher quality OLED screen, and most likely a better camera than what the 7s and 7s Plus will end up having?

      Asking why anyone would buy this over the 7s and 7s Plus is kind of silly. The simple answer is because it will be a better phone.

      Plenty of people will opt for the higher end model over the 7s Plus and 7s or whatever they end up calling them. I agree with Daringfireball that it will likely be the iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro as far as naming goes.

  • Andrew Ro

    I was hoping the front panel colors match with back of iPhone.

  • JimCracky

    No vegan option, no deal.

  • Caleb Hightower


  • rick gregory

    I hope not. Ugly, has a lip around the rim (hi, dust and crap…) and that’s not a color they’re doing right now.

  • Mark

    This is sad. The Loop used to occasionally confirm or shoot down rumors with a simple “Nope” or “Yep”. Now they’ve been reduced to just another rumor bin recycler. And a not very timely or insightful one at that.

    • Jay

      Jim lost his sources a while ago I think