Fired Google employee offered job at WikiLeaks

Julian Assange has offered a job to the employee that Google fired for writing the memo on gender differences.

  • Well, it was either that, Breitbart, or Infowars.

    • BC2009

      Read the dude’s memo — there was nothing wrong with it. His writing was way better than anything from Brietbart. Google just confirmed that they are in fact an authoritarian echo chamber that silences anything counter to the ideology they have set forth.

      • David Stewart

        How did they silence him? If anything firing him has given the memo much more exposure than it had previously. Speech has consequences.

      • Vincent Reynolds

        Sure, he writes well, but the things he writes are full of unfounded assumptions and logical errors, and have all the earmarks of a person who re-read Atlas Shrugged one too many times in college.

      • Because what he wrote was full of biased b.s. Also, companies can run themselves anyway they like (beyond certain base requirements of equal opportunity, etc.). People are let go all the time from places they don’t fit into.

        What he wrote fits more with Breitbart then it does where he was working. He should welcome the, in his eyes, step up. If he writes so well, Wikilinks should get a step up, too.

      • Sure, as long as you ignore the misogynistic drivel. And logical fallacies, straw men, and other politically correct (conservative flavor) bigotry.

      • JimCracky

        I would hate to work with you.

        • Brandon

          Thank you for adding nothing more than your hate to the conversation. Intolerant much?

      • brucej
        there was nothing wrong with it.

        For certain values of ‘nothing’.

        Pretty much anything listed as factual was wrong, and the rest was a whiny rant about ‘waaah I’m an asshole conservative and the mean libs are laughing at me!’

        • Brandon

          “Pretty much anything listed as factual was wrong…”

          Care to cite some references to back up your conjecture? Everything I looked up is seems to be supported by actual evidence.

          “…the mean libs…”

          At least you got that part right. The liberals have dethroned the conservatives as the ignorant, arrogant, intolerant, self righteous assholes of the world. A tough feat, but they managed to do it.

          • BC2009

            In another post you said you were center-to-left leaning. I am center-to-right leaning. The far-right conservatives leave the same bad taste in my mouth as you described the far-left progressives. Its amazing how these guys can live in their echo chambers and believe the things they say — all evidence to the contrary be damned.

      • lucascott

        multiple venues have noted that his memo inferred a belief that women are biologically less capable of certain jobs, especially coding, as men. forgetting that coding began with women and men thought it was a menial job. It’s almost as if he was up for a job and a woman got it when it should have been ‘his’ and he pitched a fit. AND that is why he got fired. for his comments that, if not out right sexist, could be seen as sexist

  • Mo