iOS adoption rates updated, one big blue pie wedge. Android? Not so much.

Apple updated their iOS adoption numbers for the first time in a while (I believe the last update was way back in February).

Here’s the chart:

Let’s compare that with the latest and greatest Android numbers:

Just to give some perspective here, the latest major rev of Android, Nougat, was released one year ago, in August 2016. The biggest slice in the pie chart, Marshmallow, was released in 2015, Lollipop in 2014.

It’s tough when you don’t control all the hardware.

[H/T, Robert Davey]

  • David Robeson

    Actually… (yup, gonna be that guy) they updated it 6/5 & 7/5; both were 86% / 11% / 3%.

    • Alex Hon

      So ~10% of the iOS 9 install base finally moved to 10, over the last few weeks?

  • john doofus

    It will be interesting to see this a year from now. iOS 11 drops support for quite a few models that sold in large volume – the iPhone 5 and 5C, the iPad 2, original iPad mini, etc. I wonder how many of those are still in active use?

  • StruckPaper

    To give more complete perspective, it may be fair to point out that both Kitkat and Marshmellow outnumber iOS.

    • John Barnes

      That may be true, but if you are look at it from a developer perspective, half of Android users are on other releases than those two. Potential pain having to support many version of the OS on many different devices. Security is another potential issue.

      • Daniel Bergquist

        This is absolutely the case.

      • SV650

        It also suggests many Android phone owners see their device as an appliance, and once set up do not update any software not ‘broken’. There mayn’t be much need for developers to maintain old apps, because they only need to provide new ones meeting the requirement of new OS, rather than having to patch old apps on old OS.

        Too many people I know complain about having to update their phones, and choose not to do so.

    • Mo

      And how many of those devices are still commodity/feature phones that will never generate a scrap of revenue for developers?

      Yeah, Android’s installed base is awesome if you count devices that are given away free with a box of cereal.