Amazon poised to enter the meal kits market

Part of the problem has been the price, but with Amazon coming on the scene, that could change. The online retailer is known for offering low prices. Once the Whole Foods deal goes through, it’ll have a strong grocery backbone to plant a stake. Throw in a well-established logistics and delivery systems and Amazon is poised to be a real meal-kits player.

I don’t know how a company like Blue Apron can compete with Amazon. The article is right though, price has been a deterrent in making meal kits even more successful. With Amazon entering the market, that could be fixed very quickly.

  • Jonathan Polley

    I have gotten Blue Apron once and the thing that turned me off was the waste. Not food waste but packaging. Large box, insulation and three very large freezer packs. The biggest competition that I see would be from local grocery stores. Packaging and shipping would be minimized.

    • yeah. as much as people want to dumb themselves down and kit-i-fy everything, it’s more expensive and less efficient than just learning how to meal plan, buy groceries and cook.

      • James Hughes

        I tried Home Chef because my son got credit if I joined. I tried two meals, the minimum I could. It was okay. I liked the fact they try things I have not thought of and it’s all measured out and the menu cards are well written. The meals were pretty good. I canceled right after though. I did go back and print out a recipe later on. I’m not sure it’s something I would say is to dumb someone down so much as it being a time saver and / or something that allows an inexperienced cook to learn a little bit. Jonathan is right about the waste though. That alone kills it for me. Not to mention I have a lot of ingredients already in my kitchen because I cook a lot and always have.

      • Susanrmorison


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  • rick gregory

    I still wonder whether this market is just a fad. I mean, sure, it’s fine for people who never have cooked anything more than a burger or a steak, but I’d imagine most people who start with Blue Apron or the like either bail or move on to buying ingredients directly, i.e. that BA and the like are training wheels for nascent cooks.