Apple Pay in China promo: Use it, get a discount

Tim Hardwick, MacRumors:

Apple today launched a large-scale promotion in China offering special discounts for consumers who use Apple Pay, in the company’s latest bid to counter the dominance of rival digital wallets in the country.

Between July 18 and 24, Apple device owners who use the mobile payment system to make purchases in participating merchants across mainland China will receive concessions of up to 50 percent and as much as 50 times the usual number of reward points for credit cards, according to Apple’s official Chinese website.

I went to the official site and ran the results through Google translate:

Apple Pay brings as low as 50% off this season and up to 50x bank points.

Our lives are often filled with tedious, but do not have to pay so. With Apple Pay, just touch it and hear “bite”, and it will be done quickly and easily. Whether in supermarkets, cafes or shopping malls, payment has become more convenient. From 18th to 24th July 2017, where you can use Apple Pay to pay, you can enjoy as low as 50% discount, as well as up to 50 times the bank credit card points reward 3 in a designated store with a CUP cloud flashover logo.

Not clear to me how this discount gets funded. Is it all Apple or a shared cost with the merchant? Certainly an interesting move on Apple’s part.