Here’s a sneak peek at Disney’s coming Star Wars Land

Disney doesn’t add entire new lands that frequently. A new land is an entire new, heavily themed area for the park, with new rides, new attractions and, of course, new shops.

In this case, both DisneyWorld and Disneyland are getting a new Star Wars Land, which is said to open in 2019. TechCrunch Editor-in-Chief Matthew Panzarino wrangled an invite to see what the new land is going to look like. Follow the headline link to step through the slide show, and check the video embedded in the tweet below for a panning shot of the 3D model.

  • llahnoraa

    I think they mean Disney World, not Disney Land. There’s no more land left at Disney Land. I think Matthew is slightly misinformed…

  • llahnoraa

    That is really cool! I cannot wait. I wondered if they’ll provide much bigger area at Disney World? I know Disney Land have very limited space…

  • Brandon

    When the original Star Wars films returned to theaters and they did the preview of all the films (from television to big screen), a guy in the audience yelled “This is gonna kick ass!” turning the theater into a frenzy. I can’t help but think, yes, this is gonna kick ass!