Another peek at ARKit’s future

This video shows a more sophisticated bit of ARKit, letting you walk around a room and quickly map out the floorspace. While this app might not widely useful, it does show the tip of a pretty large iceberg.

For example, imagine walking/measuring around your entire house and ending up with a reasonably precise set of up to the minute blueprints. You might feed those into another app and place/rearrange furniture to get a sense of what will fit and what works where. You might use the numbers to order the precise amount of carpeting you need, or take your app to a store to make sure that bookshelf will fit in that corner.

Take a look. ARKit is a big deal.

  • Con Kamarados

    I think every builder, home renovator, interior designer who sees that video will slightly pee their pants in joy.


    • Alex Hon

      when the app can adjust for factors like tilt, pitch and yaw, they might make surveyors’ jobs much easier.

    • Add “home owner.” 🙂

  • John Kordyback

    I get the feeling that this is going to be a big thing. Cool.

  • Prof. Peabody

    I have to say … I don’t remember the name of it, but I bought an App that did this exact thing (and seemingly a bit better), on the App store more than three YEARS ago.

    So this type of thing has been possible for a long time already, but also that app is already gone too. It’s hard to argue that the tech is a game changer in that respect.

    • Art Diaz

      Prof: I think the app you’re remembering is Magic Plan?