Steve Jobs and the missing “Intel Inside” sticker

Ken Segall:

I get that Intel Inside is one of the most successful marketing campaigns in business history. It’s just that after 36 years, that logo starts to feel more like a pollutant than an advertising device.

Thankfully, Macs have remained 100% free of Intel branding since Apple adopted its processors way back in 2006.

We have Steve Jobs’s sensibilities to thank for this. But how it all happened is a fun little story.

No spoilers, a fun read, another great little Steve Jobs anecdote.

UPDATE: The internet remembers everything. Here’s video of the “stickers” quote, about 40s in.

[H/T John Kordyback]

  • Steve Jobs said, “…not aware of anyone asking for a 24 inch notebook yet…”

    I can think of many who want a 17 inch notebook! (Me? 13 most likely, since I can put a breakout box on it now and get a great GPU when I need it.)

  • Look at Tim and Phil trying not to crack up when the question’s being asked.

  • Mo

    An interesting dig at Richard Dreyfus, but a great story nonetheless.