Reviewing the first iPhone in a hype typhoon


The iPhone was such a phenomenon that even the humble journalists chosen for an early look were thrust into a spotlight. As we celebrate 10 years of the product that reshaped the tech world–and guaranteed that no teenager would ever again look his or her family in the face during dinner–it’s instructive to revisit this moment. There hasn’t been a moment in tech journalism like it since.

I was working for one of those four guys at the time – David Pogue. So I got to see a demo of the iPhone in Pogue’s car as we drove him to the airport the week before the iPhone launch date. Apple was pissed when they found out.

  • GlennC777

    Why would they have found out?

    • Because more than four people knew. 😉

      • GlennC777

        What four people knew?

    • Pamelaischulz


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