Tim Cook, other tech CEOs meet with Trump today

President Donald Trump will meet with the chief executives of technology companies including Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc on Monday as the White House looks to the private sector for help in cutting government waste and improving services.

  • Caleb Hightower

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall at those meetings.

    • John Kordyback

      It will be a pointless meeting.

      • Caleb Hightower

        Pointless for whom?

        • John Kordyback

          Life. The universe. Everything.

      • Mo

        Trump will likely have a few actual grownups in the room who’ll sidebar with the tech guys afterward.

        • Caleb Hightower

          Right, breakout groups are where the real planning and plotting happens.

      • Kathrynlsmith


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  • the CEOs could help improve federal services with two words: “You’re fired!”

  • Mo

    “The White House thinks it can learn from credit card companies about significantly reducing fraud.” How? By changing our Social Security numbers every three months?

    Cook to other CEOs, before walking into meeting:

    “Whatever the disagreement, get him to believe your solution was his idea all along. Y’all know how to do that.”

  • Pointless. Waste of time. It only gives him credibility which he does not deserve. They would serve the country better by saying they’ll wait for the next president, not meet with a feckless liar.

  • DanielSw

    Here’s the WH video of the roundtable introductions of the attendees:


    I thought everyone in attendance sounded quite positive.

    • Mo

      They kind of have to sound positive if they want him to keep listening.

  • John Kordyback