IKEA details plans for app using Apple’s ARKit

When it launches, the app will let customers choose which IKEA product they want and then use an iPhone or iPad powered by ARKit to see how the IKEA furniture looks in their own home before it’s purchased. IKEA has been doing this for years now, including an early version which required users to scan pages of an IKEA catalogue to view AR furniture, but the company said that Apple’s platform will greatly increase the consistency and quality of the experience.

I really hopes this works well. This could really help AR take off for the average consumer.

  • rick gregory

    Interesting. This kind of thing, along with Pokemon Go type games (ones that are light, fun, not complex) are how AR gets into the mainstream.

    Amusing, isn’t it, how no one is talking about Magic Leap anymore…

    • Alex Hon

      We probably aren’t too far away from Target and Macy’s start applying AR for apparels now. Or at least start with accessories..

    • James Hughes

      Magic Leap, probably because they are a secret!

      • rick gregory

        We have a term for people who talk about product a lot but never ship. Vaporware.

  • John Kordyback

    Mmmmm. Virtual Swedish meatballs.

    • Kathrynlsmith


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    • Mo

      Lingonberry jam.

  • Mo

    I’d have been surprised had IKEA not announced this relatively quickly.

  • lucascott

    this is a much better use than minecraft in your backyard