Two items for my AirPods / Apple TV wish list

Recently, we learned that AirPods will pair automatically with an Apple TV running tvOS 11. This is great news, but there are two features I’d love to see for future versions of tvOS:

  • Pair two sets of AirPods to a single Apple TV: This would allow my wife and I to listen on headphones, each with a different volume level, a blessing for people with different hearing needs and for parents with sleeping infants.

  • Pass the audio through to HDMI while AirPods are active: This would allow someone with a hearing deficit to listen at a louder volume while the room gets the regular volume.

Anyone else with the same needs here? Anything else to add to this particular wish list? Ping me.

  • Caleb Hightower


  • Ryan

    When only wearing one airpod, double tap for next song, triple tap for previous song.

  • Let AirPods have a different language channel – either a different language or a commentary track.