The Dalrymple Report: With guests John Gruber, Matt Drance, and lots of Heineken

What do you get when you put John Gruber, Matt Drance, and Jim Dalrymple in a room together with 24 Heineken? A podcast!


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  • Caleb Hightower

    Great podcast! Any photos of the conference you are able to share?

  • Macam

    Thanks Jim, John and Matt for your spoken thoughts shared around an ice bucket of 24 bottles of Heineken beer.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me a better understanding of the significance of the WWDC 2017 announcements than I had reading the press comments after the keynote (including yours).

    It’s a matter of spoken versus written! Do you want to get the drift or do you want the carefully worded version on paper.

    The listenener/reader wants to keep a feel on the pulse and the drift of Apple by the opinions of those reporters that have proven themselves over the years with knowledge of the Apple network, love of the cause to think different and professional scepticism of the direction the company is heading.

    All of you proved this proffesionial quality in writing and as John Gruber pointed out in his introduction of the interview with Apple’s executives Phil and Greg last week these podcasts become more and more important to convey the message.

    I’m in! I will hit that play button of that podcast!

  • Terrific episode!