Building a Hackintosh for $70

This is insane. Faster than the 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. For $70.

[H/T Mac Kung Fu]

  • Glaurung-Quena

    It doesn’t matter if a desktop is faster than a laptop, because a desktop is not portable.

    • AlexM

      And it’s not small or light or etc etc

      But the point here is about speed.

      • rick gregory

        Not even that really. If you really listen, he just started out to see if he could make decent machine for everyday normal uses. He ends up surprised at the good performance and just how much power he got for the price. He’s not being a dick and dissing Macs, he’s just saying that for very little, less than he seemed to think, he got a machine that’s a VERY credible desktop for anyone who wants to run macOS but can’t afford $1000+.

    • drx1

      Yet it does matter than the system is way more flexible and less expensive. I would guess it would not be as reliable and software/system updates could cause issues (or will).

      Apple is in the “post computer’ world and computers are not all that sexy anymore, yet many people – millions, even, still use and want to use a traditional computer.

      Why does Apple fail at making an upgradable Mac Book Pro? Why is there no current Mac Pro with PCIe card slots? Why did Apple gimp the Mac Mini to death? I could go on, yet this pattern was set when Jobs was in charge… the iPhone seems to be too successful.

  • drx1

    dumpster diving for Crapintosh! Not bad, yet he could make some money here – maybe. A friend paid for most his college like this – yet with cars.

  • Let’s compare sports motorcycles and hippie vans next!

    • Shawnjbrixey


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  • john doofus

    I’m sure he wanted to compare it with a modern desktop Mac, but since there aren’t any he had to go with the MBP.

  • rick gregory

    Oh come on guys, don’t be whiny little Bs. What this guy did is really cool and resourceful. It’s also a great illustration that if someone wants to try out building a Hackintosh they don’t have to blow $1000 like a lot of the well known high end builds.

    • drx1

      who’s complaining?

  • brucej

    Well, the University of Utah must be quite rich. Nothing goes out of our College that is still functional.

    • drx1

      Do you know how much time that takes to figure out? I mean most Windows based software is not nearly semi functional as some think.

      • brucej

        Yes and no.

        I recognize those HP’s; we use the same line. They’re HP’s “business” line, and they’re specified to maintain the same hardware for the entire run of a model, so only one driver set, and a limited range of hardware to troubleshoot when it breaks; which, because we’re starting with higher quality systems in the first place, is actually fairly infrequently.

        We can get HP’s driver sets for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and we only add a limited list of software to a workstation. (basically Office, FF&Chrome browsers, adobe acrobat and antivirus) and that is all automated via MDT.

        Granted it took one of us about 6 months to learn and put together our build system, but we got that time back within a year, easy. If we had a lot more Macs here we’d probably invest in something like JAMF to automate deployment of Macs, too.

        We can build a Win10 system in 1-3 hours depending on how fast it is, and this requires only about ten minutes of hands-on-time.

        When Windows breaks, we bring it back, set it on the bench and nuke&pave.

        If it still doesn’t work we know it’s a hardware issue; that’s limited because we’re not adding in a bunch of different video cards and such, because these are those business systems.

        So we can usually quickly narrow down a hardware issue. Because we’ve got a working software package after rebuilding, it’s only going to be PS, HDD, Video Card, RAM or logic board. It’s pretty quick to narrow down.

        Basically if it’s anything but the logic board or power supply we have some spares around to swap in (or just buy new RAM.) If it’s logic board or PS we surplus it.

        The key to doing this efficiently is to not screw around with cheap low-end consumer-grade crap which has all sorts of oddball components. This system lets two of us manage about 800 so systems in our part-time duties as ‘pc fixers’.

        With standardized PC’s and MDT we can build 6 systems at once; and that’s really mostly a function of physical space to set them up on the bench.

        We couldn’t stick to a 3-year refresh cycle even if we wanted to, simply to to resource availability…no $$ to buy new computers.

        My workstation is a Mid 2010 iMac, for example, and was only the second new (not hand-me-down) computer I’d gotten here since starting in this department in 1994. (IT guys are the cobblers children)

        It’s starting to show it’s age, and if I get ambitious, I think I’m going to swap in a SSD for the HDD, get a few more years out of it.

        We use computers a lot longer because we have to.

  • Kristyanna Virgona

    Can you ever makea hackentosh with a amd cpu?

    • brucej


  • Con Kamarados

    That was very clever.

    It makes you wonder about the state of all PCs, both Windows and Mac. This machine runs both OSes well. And as he added, so too do our phones. Therefore do we really need to be upgrading as much as we do?

    I wonder if the gains were had because it was a work station PC. I wonder if he’d get the same results from a normal HP consumer desktop. I’ve had run of the mill HPs and they struggled to do most things.

    Finally, I think this says a lot about how well MacOS runs. It seems to be very efficient. And no doubt that has attributed to the great performance of this Crapintosh.

    • drx1

      IDK, my newest Mac is from 2010. It is way faster than my work PC for many tasks.

  • volkerbradley

    Can you run Facetime with this machine?

    • brucej

      All it takes is a compatible USB camera. OS X works with any USB Video Class camera.

      • volkerbradley

        Sorry. I meant to ask if the operating system in your Hackintosh was able to log in and use iMessage and Facetime.

        • brucej

          Yes. The Hackintosh is running OS X natively, so anything you can do on a ‘real’ Mac you can do in this.