Almost all iPhone users will buy another iPhone, says survey


A recently published survey by Morgan Stanley shows that 92 percent of iPhone users are “somewhat likely” or “extremely likely” to upgrade their phone in the next 12 months plan on getting another iPhone. The research note was distributed on Wednesday and later picked up by CNET.

In comparison, the same Morgan Stanley survey found that Samsung had a 77 percent retention rate, while LG had 59 percent and Motorola had 56 percent.

Put me in the “extremely likely” camp.

  • bdkennedy

    If the most recent render is actually the iPhone 8, I’ll be sticking with my iPhone SE.

  • Marion Dunn

    So, I’m cheap. Putting that out there right now. Last year I finally “upgraded” from my iPhone 3 to a 4s. Before my 3, I had a flip phone. Why? Because I pay out of pocket and am cheap. And not exactly wealthy. However, I have come to accept that 8GB is too little for the modern era of apps that I want, that I make okay money and can afford a better phone, and that having a modern iPhone would be a good idea in today’s business world.

    So, on to the questions, bearing in mind how painfully cheap I tend to be: Should I wait until the iPhone 8 release to buy a 6/6s? It should be cheaper then, right? Should I go for a 128GB 6 or a 64GB 6s? Price wise, I am interested in getting some warranty so I don’t want to buy from a stranger off of Craigslist, and this site looks to have what I am looking for: Is this my best option or anything else I should be considering?

    • wyatt counts

      Hi Marion, I’m cheap also. I’m also older than you by a fair degree no doubt. For me a connected computer in my pocket has become a constant companion. When I mistakenly leave the house without it I feel like I’m not wearing pants. This pocket computer and data service has replaced two newspapers a day and a handful of magazines a month. I no longer have a landline phone or cable TV. I can find apps that do incredible things for pennies that would have cost thirty or forty dollars ten years ago. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in film and processing. When I ride the subway it’s in my hand or connected to my ears just like almost everyone around me. With good earbuds I can listen to Foghat in church. This little miracle is smelted bronze, the Gutenberg Bible, opposable thumbs, and it’s happening during OUR lifetime. I’m a tightwad and by no means wealthy, but the connected phone is where you SPLURGE because it offers you all the new and developing technologies the whole world has to offer at your fingertips. Get the best you can possibly afford and skip lunch every now and then.

      • Dennis

        But dont drop it or you will have a smelted bronze paper weight

    • rick gregory

      I’d buy 64g. I had 128 and didn’t fill it up. Now… I don’t use it to shoot tons of video, etc.

      I’d buy the 6s vs the 6. I have a 6S Plus and don’t feel any need to upgrade to a 7s or whatever.

    • James Hughes

      Comcast recently came out with a pretty good mobile deal. Buy an iPhone 7 for $28 a month and a 1gb plan for $12 a month. That plus a couple of bucks for taxes etc and you’d be looking at about $42 a month for the phone WITH service. Not bad. I may do it myself. I’m currently using straight talk and paying about $48 just for the service with a paid for unlocked phone. If you don’t have access to that deal, look around, you’d be surprised how affordable some of these plans are. Plus they are usually 0% interest for the phone. Before this I’d always buy on eBay and use cricket or straight talk or whoever had a good deal going. Good luck!

    • If you’re cheap I think you should look seriously at the SE. Performance-wise, it’s somewhere between the iPhone 6 and 6S, and you can probably already get a good deal on it if you’re flexible on carrier.

    • brandon hayes

      I stayed on my iPhone 4 until the 6s came out. Get as much memory as you can, you won’t regret it. And as Steven Fisher suggested, the SE is a seriously good option.

    • Mo

      My wife and I are cheap, too. We went looking for a used iPhone 5C (her first) a year and a half ago on Gazelle for my wife. The first purchase had to be returned, but the second one is good.

      My first smartphone was a new, unlocked iPhone 6 64GB, purchased at full retail almost two-and-a-half years ago, but I plan on keeping it in use as long as I can. With moderate use, I have almost 12GB of free space on it.

      We both use Airvoice Wireless for these phones. They’re an MNVO that runs on AT&T’s network. Given our limited calling and data usage (we mostly text), their no-contract $10/month plan works fine for us, and unused balance rolls over.

      If I was buying now, I’d favor any “S” model over its predecessor. I’d expect prices to drop slightly upon any new release, but remember that the older the device, the shorter its remaining OS support.

      Also, keep in mind that older phones are likely to have fewer available choices for accessories like cases, so start scouting for those once you make your decision on the phone.

  • James Hughes

    Put me in the “used Android, not a fan, sticking with iOS” camp. In other words, will be sticking with, positively likely.

    • Shawnjbrixey


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    • Dorothyfduryea


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  • Emil

    What people say and what they do are 2 completely different things. That’s why often election outcomes predictions fail so miserably.

    • Mo

      Voter exit polls are one thing. Smartphones are another.

      Why would anyone lie about the tech they’re using? Even people who understand nothing about the gear often seem to need to express pride in the choices they’ve made, not deny them.

  • davebarnes

    Well, there is a small, but finite, probability that I will die in the next year, so I guess extremely as opposed to guaranteed.

  • Mo

    Well, of course.

    Unless someone I trust comes running to show me how the latest Android release somehow underwent a complete revamp and is now actually more intuitive and secure than iOS, of course.

    I’ll wait patiently.