Incredible 3-way wooden joint

I find the design of this 3-way joint terrifically clever. The narrator does an excellent job explaining and then building out the design.

  • GS

    The ending is pretty funny. This is an example of clever, but useless?

  • The Cappy

    Not a great joint, but a helluva exercise in geometry. Kudos.

  • Mo

    Useful or not, still cool to watch.

  • John Kordyback

    I am impressed by people who can explain complex topics in a simple, straightforward manner.

  • Clayton Grove

    Mattias Wandell is a legend in the wood working world.

  • J

    It would have actually been faster for him to use hand tools…

  • Robert Hancock

    This joint with a lock dowel is actually used by Japanese carpenters to replace the rotten ends of pillars. Japanese temple carpenters have a whole host of these 3D joints for various roles and they are hand cut with chisels. Works of art and very sturdy. It’s why these carpenters can earn $1000 a day when reaching master level.