The Microsoft Surface Laptop, creeping in on Apple’s territory

Michael Tsai pulled together some coverage of Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop.

There’s this bit from Bloomberg:

Microsoft has already cracked the professional and creative markets with inventive tablets and a desktop that turns into a virtual drafting table. Now it’s chasing another category many believe is Apple’s to lose: the $1,000 laptop for everyone.

That’s one side of the coin. Me, I found this bit telling:

Click on the image to bring the animated GIF to life. Watch the flex on the screen, note the hand required to keep the screen from pushing over backwards.

  • Mo

    Their “Craftsmanship” video looks and sounds familiar for some reason. Also, I fixed the narration a bit.

    “We tried to put every good ingredient we learned from Apple into the Surface Laptop. You just feel the history of Apple product-making.”

    You’re welcome, Microsoft.

  • JimCracky

    Quit getting excited. One day later, after the tech boners have died down, it turns out that the Surface Laptop is just another run of the mill machine.

    4GB RAM 128 SSD for $999.

    A machine that can actually be useful- $1299.00

    Macbook Air- $999.

    Is the Maccbook Air out of date? You could fool me. I see plenty off them being used by people who do real work.

    Almost as big a con job as Drump.

    • Mo

      But… but… color fabrics!

    • The MacBook Air also comes with a better GPU, faster storage and twice the RAM.

      Though the Surface Laptop has a nicer screen, I found the GPU in my old MacBook Air to be a bottleneck. The GPU in the Surface Laptop doesn’t seem much better than it, and that’s a ton more pixels to drive.

      It’s probably not bad if you want a Windows laptop and don’t need decent graphics performance or lots of memory and…

      …wow, um, I think I just talked myself out of it. 4GB of RAM really isn’t acceptable in 2017, even if all you’re doing is browsing.

  • Caleb Hightower

    So what were the sales numbers again for the Surface Studio? ~15k units, give or take 15k units sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Hardly even a scratch in the market, let alone a ‘crack’.

    • JimCracky

      Glad you mentioned that. I think Leo Laporte bought all 15000 of them. That is more than pathetic. That’s a failure . I work in creative. I have not seen 1 in the wild. Another overpriced underpowered garbage heap.

      • Mo

        I’m still hoping to play with one the next time I hit the mall. It could be the greatest piece of hardware that graphic designers and artists have ever seen, but at the end of the day, you’re still asking them to manage and navigate a Windows device.

      • Amylthompson

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  • invinciblegod

    Yeah, everyone criticized that Surface pen on this laptop. Don’t know why the screen doesn’t fold at least to 180 flat for easier pen input. I guess that’s why they don’t include a pen with the laptop while all their previous devices had it included.

  • rick gregory

    I thought this review in Ars Technica was spot on… it’s a nice laptop but it’s just a laptop and doesn’t bring anything special vs others. Note the price point too… it’s in MB/MBP range.

    • Mo

      Oh, yeah. That’s another thing I noticed on their Configure page. Are we expecting any howls of enthusiast outrage about their overpriced RAM?

  • Sigivald

    Baffling demo, that.

    I have a Surface Pro 4, and it has a nice built-in stand, and is about 99% of Apple quality in sturdiness and build quality.

    Of course, it also cost $1,500, not including the keyboard cover.

    This $999 machine, as Jim said, is … not a competitive spec.

    (I’d own a MacBook Air as well, if it had a touchscreen.

    Someone should gently explain to Tim Cook that it’s okay to have a touchscreen on a laptop, without trying to convert OSX into a tablet platform. You don’t have to follow the folly of Windows 8.

    Just let me touch a dialog’s cancel button to dismiss it, okay?)

  • SV650

    The mouse in the background suggests this is a device which is neither touch-friendly, nor touchpad friendly.