Watch this poor guy try to justify a $10,000 motorcycle purchase to his significant other


It’s a conversation that happens across the country—how many times a day? A hundred? A thousand? Warily eyeing middle age bearing down on him, a fella goes out and buys a motorcycle on a whim. He’s plunked down his 10 grand, and he’s had a swell time getting bugs in his teeth out on the open road.

Now there’s just one problem: He hasn’t told his significant other about it.

This squirmy conversation is the topic of the latest advertising spot debuting today from Zero Motorcycles.

It’s a weird ad but funny because I’ve heard these arguments and more made by dozens of potential motorcycle owners trying to convince themselves or their significant other to “let” them have a bike. And if you want some personal views on the Zero electric bike, check out my post on a test ride here.