Pandora Premium

Yeah, you can now find and play specific songs. And albums. But, Pandora Premium is so much more than music on-demand. With Premium, you can find the music you love, but maybe more importantly, the music you love finds you. Effortlessly. It adapts to you by using all the signals – thumbs, replays, skips and stations adds – you’ve given us over the years to help curate your Pandora stations. You’ll see it from the moment you open Premium for the first time.

When Pandora Premium launched it was only available for people that directly paid the company. Now you can upgrade to premium if you subscribe through iTunes. I’ve been using it since the day it was released and it does a damn good job of knowing my musical tastes and playing songs that I love.

  • As a former Pandora One subscriber, while I thought their algorithms were pretty good, the lack of a native desktop app (I use iTunes keyboard shortcuts all the time) and offline Watch support make the negatives outweigh the positives for me.

    Ever since Apple Music added iTunes Match fingerprinting, it’s been rock solid for me and I love discovering new albums and syncing to my Watch for workouts alongside my existing tracks. I’m still discovering plenty of music via that route.