Kids react to AC/DC

This is so good.

  • Dana Pellerin

    I got a kick out of the kid that says they know them from Vine videos. The world is a bit different than when we were kids. 🙂

  • Mo

    Well, kids’ music is generally meant to be simple and fun. 🙂

    These kids are funny. I’d like to see the faces on the other side of the camera, reacting to them.

  • spazsquatch

    When “All Night Long” started, I thought “hmmm, ‘told me to come but I was already there’ is just a bit inappropriate for this video. Had to laugh when the line was skipped.

  • Costa K

    As an Aussie this makes me damn proud.

  • Costa K

    It would’ve been interesting if they played songs from Bon Scott’s time with AC/DC.

    Methinks the kids responses would’ve been much different.