Why Canada is the world’s most beautiful country

The Telegraph:

The juxtaposition of peerless landscapes and compelling cities, of modern distractions and timeless comforts, is found across Canada. And, of course, they’re part of the reason you might want to take a holiday here, and this year more than most. For 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation – the moment Canada effectively became a country – with celebrations planned to mark the occasion.

Of course, I’m biased but, if you’re looking for a vacation this year, you’ll find a lot to like about my home country, especially on the occasion of our 150th anniversary.

  • In my youth I did some climbing in the Bugaboos, made an attempt on Mt. Robson (failed), claimed a few routes on The Chief (north of Vancouver), and a bit more. Canada’s a great place with great people and great cities. If my wife would move 1″ further north I’d consider moving up there (somewhere) to flee Trumpland.

  • Master of Thumbs

    Heh! We’re visiting Canada now and I can’t agree more. Even the stark contrast between the US and Canadian side of Niagra Falls is a very simple example.