New York Times: Why you should wait before buying Samsung’s new Galaxy S8

Brian X. Chen:

When a splashy new smartphone hits the market, consumers often weigh whether to place an order right away or to wait and see how others react to the device.

But with the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s first major smartphone release since the spontaneously combusting Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued last year, there isn’t much of a debate. Your best bet is to wait to buy the roughly $750 device — not just for safety reasons, but also because other uncertainties surround it.

I just can’t help but wonder if this next bit had anything to do with the Times’ take:

Samsung declined to provide an early review unit of the Galaxy S8 to The New York Times

No matter the logic, this does feel a bit like spite. And Samsung, what were you thinking here? You gave a review unit to the Wall Street Journal, but not the Times?

  • JimCracky

    Could be a bit of both, no?

  • Mo

    Maybe someone will leave a prototype in a bar that Chen can buy.

  • freediverx

    Seems the spite works both ways, since Samsung declined to provide a review unit to a publication they feared would provide anything less than a glowing review. Frankly, considering Samsung’s track record, I think the NYT did well in warning against an impulse buy of an unproven product.

  • The biggest reason now that I wouldn’t go with Samsung were I to lose my mind and decide to move to Android is they refurbished those old 7Note phones, which are still dangerous, and sold them to developing nations who don’t have the legal system to hold them accountable.

    That’s the depth of corruption at Samsung laid bare for anyone to see.