Google Chromebook is still spying on students

Privacy advocates at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have again outlined how Google is successfully dumping millions of low-cost Chromebooks on U.S. schools, enabling the mass collection and storage of information on children without the consent of their parents or even the understanding of many school administrators.

Come on, Google.

  • My son’s school discontinued their BYOD program this year in favour of Chromebooks. (And we’re in Canada.)

    • Mo

      The future skews towards commoditization of humans.

  • Caleb Hightower

    And this is why I buy Apple.

  • Damn!

  • Um…and what about the privacy related concerns regarding the data our kids are sharing with Google Docs from about 1st grade through HS?

    • Mo

      I think our mostly-conservative government is happy to ignore those concerns, having already begun to repeal laws meant to address them.

      • Google Docs is opt-in, so any privacy repeals isn’t relevant, right?

        • Mo

          One opts to use Google Docs without necessarily being then informed about its consequences. If you’re suggesting “buyer beware,” you’re being disingenuous.

          Privacy-law repeals may not be relevant to you, but they are more far-reaching, and are part of a bigger message written by lobbyists.

          • One opts to use Google Docs without necessarily being then informed

            Even if users are warned, our elementary schooler wouldn’t have had any clue what it all meant when the school system created an account for him.

            Pretty sure we agree on all points. I was commenting on an overlooked “loophole” for Google with or without repeals.

          • Mo

            My mistake for misinterpreting.

          • Phew. BFF again.

          • Mo

            Honestly, I don’t know why anyone here still bothers with me.

          • This is the internet. We all have each other’s back, right?

  • llahnoraa

    And, that my friend, is why I buy Apple.