1981 Nightline interview with Steve Jobs

The whole thing is fascinating, but the Apple/Steve part kicks in around 4:20. Love how they refer to him as Steven Jobs. It was before he was Steve to all of us.

Note: Someone sent this to me, but can’t for the life of me remember who. Was doing some heavy traveling when it came in. Apologies for the lack of a hat tip.

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    I’d recommend watching it from the beginning, or, at least, starting at the 2 minute mark to set up the Steve part!

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    Don’t give up on it; it first looks like the Steve bit is done, but he comes back big time!

    Even at 26, he speaks eloquently about the big picture and thoughtfully about education and the changes happening in society. Love his bicycle 🚴🏼 comments!

    He’s also quick-witted in responding to a critic and Koppel.

    The writer’s comments, however, on surveillance are eerily prescient.

    • Mo

      Koppel had a long career, especially on Nightline, of using a limited time slot for good journalism and news analysis.

      He asked direct, pointed questions of people who didn’t want to answer them, and he did it without preemptively shouting them down.

      I can give him a pass on the occasional glib wrap-up.

  • nutmac

    I miss Steve Jobs. He just perfectly understands how to sell and talk tech to common folks, without omitting important details.