Evan Nagao at the European Yoyo Championships

I can barely get a yo-yo to go down and back up. This guy is doing stunts that would have me strangled by my own string. And his choice of music is inspired.

  • I’ve seen some amazing modern yo-yo folks but this guy is an order of magnitude better. Wow. Thanks for posting.

    • You’re welcome. His skill level is incredible.

  • James Hughes

    I have to see you with a yo-yo now. Don’t worry, I’ll intervene if you start to turn blue. : )

    • Lindackain

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  • I’d do you one better, Shawn. I’d have myself blue before the lyrics started.

  • I got sucked into the EYYC…and this is nuts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAV8l4omYco