Buying Vinyl albums

I used to collect vinyl albums when I was younger because that’s all that was available, but they are making a huge comeback. I was amazed with how many new and old albums were available on vinyl.

Go to the main page, scroll down, click on the genre you want, and then on the right hand side click “vinyl” for the format. Lots of choices here.

  • Dana Pellerin

    I will almost always buy vinyl first, assuming they include a digital download as well. I don’t even have a turntable anymore. I just like checking out the art and having something physical that someday my kid will inherit.

    • I only buy digital for about the same reason: I just don’t want the stuff anymore.

      If I could wave a magic wand and convert all my books, movies and music to digital only I would in a heartbeat.

      Edit: Except my live + orchestra albums. Those I’m keeping. πŸ™‚

      • Dana Pellerin

        I get it. I don’t buy movies at all any more, and I’ll rarely buy a physical book. But my daughter and I talk and share a lot about music, so the collection will be a gift to her some day.

        • Oh, I see. That’s very cool. πŸ™‚

          Edit: I could see buying something like this on vinyl, though it doesn’t seem to exist. Maybe the Mad Mad World Silver Edition.

    • Mo

      The art is the only part of vinyl that has ever meant anything to me. My mission for the past 20 years has been to divest my vinyl, not add to it.

      • JimCracky

        Have to agree. Oddly enough, I donated about 1k of vinyl to the Goodwill Store. The your people who helped me unload it could barely conceal their desire to rifle through the LPs to find their own treasures.

        I just never liked the idea of noise or degradation after multiple plays. We used to get a new LP and transfer it to cassette on the first play.

        • Mo


    • Darlenehdenny

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  • JimCracky

    I understand the nostalgia of vinyl and still own a great turntable and about 100 albums.

    They sound inferior to digital. Sorry.

  • I’m down to one. Hotel California signed by JW.