The difficulty involved in landing a Boeing 737 airline in high winds

Daily Mail:

An incredible video posted by a self-proclaimed extreme aerobatics pilot shows just how difficult it is to land a commercial airline in extreme wind.

Kielak uses both hands which appear to be going wild to maintain control of the plane in the conditions. With the video on Facebook he wrote: ‘I’m always saying that airline pilot gets his salary for one landing per month… this is the day I earned mine.

The video is amazing. It looks like he’s driving a rally car.

  • Shawn, what’s even more interesting is the 737 pilots that comment on the mail article. Seems he might be using some exaggerated technique here. 😉

  • Rob

    Every pilot’s technique for handling crosswinds and turbulence is different, though there are some common elements. In this case, his goal is to give the folks in the back the most comfortable ride possible.

    As the wind gusts stronger and weaker, he needs more and less correction for the wind; both in terms of bank angle (left to right motions of the stick) and pitch (back and forth motions of the stick). In his mind’s eye he has drawn a line from where the plane is to where it touches down on the ground and then rolls and slows to a point where the wind can no longer lift it back up off the runway. When the wind gusts, the plane suddenly begins climbing instead of descending, and it begins drifting to the down wind side of the course and the pilot is correcting for it.

    All in all, an admirable job of a crosswind landing. And, yes, he does smile at the end. Like any other craftsman, he likes the challenge of a crosswind landing and the feeling he gets when he’s nailed it.

    • The Cappy

      Spot on. I certainly didn’t begrudge him that smile at the end. I understood exactly where it came from. He was a skilled man whose skills were being sorely tested. That was the smile of relief and satisfaction. I had a stormy landing once and we applauded the pilot when we landed. After seeing this video, I think I should have applauded louder. 😉

      • Rob

        Thanks. I’m a pilot myself (private pilot, not commercial) and I know this joy all too well.

        The problem is that the next landing, because you are so brim-full of confidence after that hard one, really sucks. I MEAN REALLY SUCKS!

        Still… landing an airplane, and flying in general, is probably the most fun a human being can have with their clothes on.

  • His smiling makes me think he was in full control.