Google reduces JPEG file size by 35%

Ars Technica UK:

Google has developed and open-sourced a new JPEG algorithm that reduces file size by about 35 percent—or alternatively, image quality can be significantly improved while keeping file size constant. Importantly, and unlike some of its other efforts in image compression (WebP, WebM), Google’s new JPEGs are completely compatible with existing browsers, devices, photo editing apps, and the JPEG standard.

Looks good so far. As a photographer, I’m always fighting the battle between file size and image quality. Anything that can help is a win.

  • That there’s there’s been this unrealized capacity for improvement in the JPEG format is a little depressing, but I’m glad it’s been worked out.

  • I wonder when this version of JPEG will make it into software and/or cameras, if ever?

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  • abdoradus

    Looks like that algorithm is extremely expensive in terms of CPU time and memory. And the application is web hosting, i.e strongly compressed pictures with lots of compression artefacts. It’s not a magic formula that makes all jpegs 35% smaller.

  • IanBlackburn

    Surely this is “Middle out” compression?