A news app aims to burst filter bubbles by nudging readers toward a more “balanced” media diet

Nieman Lab:

Designed to help people diversify their news consumption habits, Read Across the Aisle tracks how often users read stories from roughly 20 news sources across the ideological spectrum, with The Huffington Post at the far left of the spectrum, Fox News at the far right, and others like The New Yorker, NPR, and The Christian Science Monitor in between. A slider bar at the bottom of the screen moves from left to right based on how much time users spend reading news from certain sources, and how ideologically extreme the app deems those sources to be.

The app is designed to help users escape their news consumption bubbles. When the user’s reading habits skew too far to either side, the app triggers a notification recommending that they switch things up.

One of the dangers of the ability to personalize everything on the internet is that we sequester ourselves in walled gardens. We get information that is not only tailored to our wants and needs but also actively blocks out and ignores even slightly “dissenting” opinion. This app can help combat that.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    News is not opinion. News is reporting facts.

    • Mo

      Ideally. But every news organization, throughout history, has selected which facts to report and what context to explain them with. Before Murdoch, we had Hearst. And so on.

    • GlennC777

      News is reporting facts, sure. And you’re made out of atoms. The trick is getting from the raw material to a useful product, and I absolutely guarantee it can’t be done without making value judgments, i.e. “opinions.”

  • SV650

    “This app can help combat that.”

    Only if the consumer wants to leave their comfortable walled garden, where nothing challenges the peaceful mind space in which they sit. While this MAY help those interested find a variety of news providers to balance their intake, it won’t move anyone without an open mind to another point in the news spectrum.

  • Kip Beatty

    If the balanced sources are real news gathering organizations, that’s fine. The problem is more and more the preferred content of the right (Infowars, Breitbart, FoxNews) peddle plainly made-up conspiracy theories. I have NO interest in that trash.

    Sources like WSJ and the Economist shade right and are trustworthy sources. Unfortunately, they are becoming a rarity in conservative news.

    • Kristinjsimmons

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  • satcomer

    Why they just won’t say it it will push main stream corrupt news down our throats! Plus just as you start liking a third party news site you get shot down! Plus a third wave SJW propaganda with it’s war on all men!